Our Mission

Privinta Wellness supports families through our holistic approach to wellness that combines health-optimizing products with community education, tools and resources.

At Privinta, we are dedicated to supporting parents, but especially single parents with special needs kids, and it is not just a philosophy, we take action! 

“Our family and friends have supported us throughout this journey, which is a blessing, and we are grateful. But many families are not as fortunate, and for them we don’t just show our compassion, we do something about it.”  

Privinta offers free products to single parents raising special needs kids, along with a free consulting call, guidance, income and other financial support.

If you are a single parent with a special needs child and want to see how Privinta can help you, please fill out this form:

Our founder, a parent of a child on the autism spectrum has been on a mission to get his child to eat better and take additional supplements with little luck.

He stumbled onto a sleep support gummy, that helped with the sleep issues. His goal was to offer quality treats while supplementing the need for additional vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Eventually moved into making his own homemade gummy’s and that turned into Privinta.

We began by sharing advice and our experiences, to parents in the same boat. Now we are sending free product to single parents, we have paid for mothers to get therapy and counselling and so much more. Now we are offering that and more, we extend an income opportunity to parents.

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