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Privinta is a family run business, My daughter is on the Autism spectrum, and all kids especially special needs, require a ton of attention psychological and physical needs. So getting all her nutrients, is critical to her behavior and development. We do our best with her food, but adding in supplements is a great way to ensure she is getting what she needs. BUT, trying to get her to take pills, capsules, or gross tasting table spoons of different concoctions is like going to war.

I tried all types of products and stumbled upon a melatonin gummy for her sleep issues, it helped, but the problem was it had 5 grams of sugar, so it helped her go to sleep but woke her up at 4 am...

I exhausted every avenue searching better gummies. There were a few out there that had low sugar but didn't have enough of the desired supplements or worse they had corn syrup or other ingredients that weren't good for her at all.

So I started speaking to doctors and specialists about the different ingredients needed, hired a team and got to work. We started with an adult sleep gummy,

because, I needed it, and thought, helping parents first was a good place to start. Then we launched our 5 kids products with zero to little sugar, non-GMO, no additives, and all natural.

Nothing synthetic like red die 40, which has been linked to ADD and other brain related development issues.

We were able to kill 2 birds with one stone, getting them vitamins and nutrients, and them thinking it is a candy!

We are on a mission to support parents, like us and making children’s' supplements to improve their lives in turn improving our lives too.! Happy kid, Happy kid's parent...lol


Our Mission

Privinta is on a mission to find the optimal mental and physical health to achieve peak wellness.

We strive to deliver essential vitamins and nutrients lacking in daily diet. That is why all of our supplements are sourced from natural ingredients and are manufactured in a GMP approved facility and all of our supplements are FDA registered.

Our founder, a parent of a child on the autism spectrum has been on a mission to get his child to eat better and take additional supplements with little luck.

Please reach out to info@privinta.com for more information.


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